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2 Albums Below: Kids, then Home & Functional... Multiple Pages Each!

Covid Update 11.22.20!

Paint at Home Kits for Curbside Pick Up Only.  In-Studio painting is suspended for the Holiday season since we have needed to convert the public space in to sorting, bagging, prepping, boxing and getting school fundraiser orders together.  All table surfaces are now production space.

For To-Go orders: Call in your order to the studio at 702-269-4444 to Gail between 9am to 9pm any day of the week.  Follow the handy tips below:

1. Pick item number and describe the pottery 

2. Choose if you would like acrylic paint with gloss sealer (for no return to studio painting fun) or ceramic glazes.  IMPORTANT:  Acrylic paints and the gloss sealer we send along are craft paints that do not return to the studio for kiln-firing.  They are decorative only and are not food safe for any food consumption functional pottery.  Ceramic glazed items MUST return to the studio for clear glazing and firing

3.  Prepare to pay with your credit card by phone.  Name on card, card number, security code and billing zipcode will be required at time of order. 

4.  Studio will be staffed by Gail 2-3 times per week to pack orders.  She can chat with you and arrange a delivery appointment window and assist with custom requests!  Single person contact and point of information with no studio staff nor customers on premises except for ownership by Gail.

Helpful Information:

Kits include:  Brushes, paper towels, paper plates, water bowl(s), snap lid containers of color for acrylics and glazes, handy instruction/tip sheet and the pottery selections.  

Pottery for this program is sanitized in a low temperature kiln-firing by ownership/management of All Fired Up.  Brushes and supplies are coming from fresh packaging from restaurant supply houses.  Gloved handling will be processing your order.  At home sanitizing of project pack can be done with diluted bleach water for brushes and wipe down of supplies or by use of disinfectant wipes
EXCEPT FOR THE POTTERY!  If you choose to sanitize your pottery, put it in your COLD, CLEAN home oven at 200 degrees for 1/2 hour and let cool.  Coronavirus cannot survive above 140 degrees.  We have cushioned that for extra measures.  Your pottery will be pre-fired at our studio at 250 degrees for extra good insurance.  Do not bake above 200 degrees in a residential setting, please.  

At time of phone order & payment, we will take down basic contact information, delivery address and determine if you prefer to have acrylics or glazes.

Schedules and Timing:

We are in the studio 2 or 3 times a week...Possibly a Monday-Wednesday-Friday thing, or maybe one weekend day thrown in...It's going to be clearer as orders come along and we can see how quickly we fulfill them.  24 hour-ish turn would be a great thing to aim for so that's where we are starting!  We are down to a one woman show in the studio, we no longer have staff currently, so thanks for rolling with us on how things unfold with Covid.  We are trying to be super flexible when we can! 

Thank You!

Uncharted waters here, and we are beyond thankful for your patronage.  We have hung on for 22 years, even thru 9/11, and we would love to be around for many, many more - we are still having way too much fun, making local schools lots of fundraising monies and bring simple joys of crafting with ceramics to waaaay too many Valley families.  Again, we thank you for your support!!!

"Respond to every call that excites your spirit"  - Rumi

All Fired Up!
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